The Rise Of Veganism Around The World

For decades, the world’s most favorite food has been processed meat whether it was hot dogs or meat burgers. However, the meat industry and the dairy industry alike has invested billions upon billions in to hiding the truth about the meat industry from its consumers and therefore, for decades, these consumers have not been aware of the sheer cruelty that happens within the meat industry but with the rise of the internet and the popularity of the internet, this information has become public and with it, the world is seeing a rise in veganism. Veganism is by far the fastest growing lifestyle the world has ever seen with more and more young people committing to a life without animal flesh and animal bi products such as dairy. The great thing about this is that these young people have seen a massive improvement in their health as well in comparison with their processed meat eating counterparts.

Statistics and numbers

Every year, sixty five billion land animals are cruelly and unmercifully slaughtered to meet the demand for meat the world over and in addition to this, numbers of sea animals that can only be measured in tons are murdered for the meat eating population. In fact, it is said that if the world goes on in this way, the seas could be fishless as early as two thousand and twenty. This said however, the butcher Singapore have commented on a significant drop in the numbers and for the demand for meat products with plant based alternatives replacing the demand. Even supermarkets today have a separate area allocated for healthy vegan alternatives to the popular fast food the world is used to. There are even companies that are doing plant based, vegan meat delivery to restaurants who are now switching their entire line to plant based food because of the drop in demand for animal flesh and also because these restaurant owners are becoming more ethical themselves.In addition to the unethical aspect of meat, there is also the fact that the world around us in obese and sick. Almost everyone we know has some form of obesity related disease and many young people are dying of illnesses that were once known to occur only in the elderly population with age. Cholesterol is one of the biggest killers in the world and there are more young people dying of obesity related diseases than there are people dying of starvation.

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