How To Throw An Impressionable Dinner Party?

Whether it’s an official dinner party for your boss, or an informal one with your friends and family; if we’re hosting a party, we’d naturally want to do a good job. If you’re already proud of your culinary skills, it goes without saying that people will naturally expect you to impress them on your dinner party. But how do you do that? How do you throw a dinner party that will definitely impress and leave an impression? Read ahead to find how…

  • Pay very special attention to your grocery list – in the rush and the excitement of the party, it’s very easy to forget things; regardless to whether you’re a seasoned cook, or if you’ve made this same dish a hundred times already. Have a check list of all the ingredients, and try to do your grocery shopping well in advance.
  • A little goes a long way – apart from the food, there are a few small things that make an impressionable dinner party. Like laying out your best table cloths, or using cloth napkins instead of the disposable ones. Even dipping into your wine cellars and serving your guests the best you can offer, and lighting up a few candles to add to the ambiance makes a huge difference.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected – expect the unexpected. Always start your cooking early so you have plenty of time in spare, or if something goes wrong. Prepare a little extra, in the case of spillage or burning. Even extra cutleries and table settings can come in use sometimes.
  • Dessert can be special too – as you want to impress, it’s important that you do a little extra. Apart from cooking and serving the best meal you can cook, consider serving your guests dessert as well. Even a pretty platter of fresh fruits or steaming cups of specially blended coffee from your rocket espresso can be considered “dessert”.
  • Take your guests’ dietary restrictions into consideration – if it’s not an open house party and you know all your guests, then considering their dietary restrictions and preparing the meal accordingly can be very impressionable. But if there’s just too much to consider, or you don’t know how to handle it, go with what you know. After all, it is your party.
  • It’s not the time for experimenting – a dinner party is NEVER the time to experiment on. Even if you want to impress your guests, always only present the dishes you are well practiced and sure of. Experiments often lead in failure, especially when done under pressure; and that’s the last thing we’d want when we’re trying to throw an impressionable dinner party with personalized wine cellar

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