First 3 Basic Steps To Consider When Deciding On Planning A Brunch Party

Brunch is a course of meal that includes food items from both breakfast and lunch menus. Hence, it is appropriately named “brunch”. These meals are usually served in the late mornings or early afternoon. If you want to plan a plan a brunch menu, there are a few food and beverage options that you will first have to consider and plan out. Below are a few tips to how to get started:

Determining the guest list

In planning any event or party, it is important to know how many guests will be dining as this is what will ultimately affect the type of brunch service you decide on. There are different types of brunches such as sit-down ones that are great for small parties while the larger ones will require a buffet style step up. These are usually associated with Sundays as people tend to wake up late thus are ideally called as a weekend brunch central. Once the guest list is determined, you can set the tone and style of the food being served. For example; fresh pancakes whipped up for about 6-8 guests may be feasible while for about 20 might be difficult.

Food preferences and theme

It would be ideal to find out any particular food preferences of the guests. This will help you to customize menu. For example, some guests might be vegetarian or have allergies to certain types of foods and so on. This is especially important for a smaller brunch service as this will have a limited menu and will help avoid food wastage too. Buffet style tends to have a wider selection; however this might not necessarily include the best pizza in town. Next, you will have to think of a theme, although these services usually do not require one, it makes it easier to plan out the choice of menu options. For example; if you are hosting a brunch that is more towards a tea themed service, then you are more likely to serve tea instead of any other beverage such as mimosas and bagels and scones and similar food items.

Catering or cooking

There are two ways in which you can source the food for the brunch. Catering will tend to limit the options of the menu even though it will be less of a hassle however; cooking your own food gives you absolute freedom to decide on the menu options. This will of course depend on a variety of reasons such as budget, guest list and the time you have to get everything ready.

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