Fast Food Must-Haves

Few people manage to get through life without having fast food at some point. Like its name suggests, the food is cooked fast and is easy to eat. Whether they originated in the Americas, Europe or Asia no longer matters – fast food has become a global phenomenon. If you have lived under a rock your whole life, then these are the types of fast food that you absolutely need to try.

Sandwich Heaven

Forget two slices of bread with a slice of ham in the middle. Fast food sandwiches have fluffy buns and some juicy patties in the middle, with plenty of additional veggies and condiments. There are plenty of burger restaurants that do submarines (or club sandwiches as they are known sometimes) and burgers in record time; the average wait period in one of these fast food outlets is 10 minutes. There are old fashioned places that serve up plenty of grease and fries along with your sandwich, or you can go to the gourmet places that serve whole wheat buns and the highest quality Kobe beef patties, medium rare.

Wings Don’t Always Fly

Interestingly, these are a staple in most best restaurants at Foresthill, Southland, Doncaster even the ones that feature a more upper scale menu: chicken wings. Whether smothered in barbeque sauce, grilled over charcoal, batter fried, deep fried, marinated or otherwise cooked, chicken wings are all the rage when it comes to fast food. While it usually takes more prep time than the average 10 minutes in a fast food outlets, these places ingeniously pre-cook the wings and simply add the finishing touches (like dipping in hot oil, spritzing BBQ sauce etc.) before serving to the customer. Don’t forget to order beer with it or it won’t feel complete. If it is a non-alcoholic place, try the ginger beer.

Round, Red and Splotchy

Everyone loves them some pizza! Compared to other fast foods, the pizza takes an age – even the quickest ones will take about 20 minutes to serve an in-house customer, while delivery takes well over 30 minutes. But your patience will be rewarded. Pizza only became a fast food after the Americans adapted this Italian dish to suit their shore, and then decided to spread it across the world through numerous pizza chains. Today there are well known international brands that do fast pizza but also plenty of small time, family owned pizzerias run by expatriate Italians or Italian cuisine lovers. Once you have tried these, here are some other fast food items that you should try: French fries, hotdogs and milkshakes. Nothing’s complete without that sugar sweet shake.

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