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Organizing An Office Party

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Organizing an office party can be an overwhelming task with no shortage of headaches. It does not matter if you have plenty of experience with organizing or if it is the first time you are trying it, it will always be a job with a huge amount of pressure. When done perfectly with attention given to every tiny detail, it can help you gain a good impression among the staff members and your superiors who are sure to appreciate the effort you put in and how well you managed the responsibilities handed to you. In ideal condition, you would like to have all the time in the world and an unlimited budget.

Make it a priority to decide on an excellent location. The ideal location should be easy to access from the work place and should have a fair amount of taxis and cabs to get home even if it is a bit too late at night. Ensuring there is appropriate transportation will ensure that a lot of people will make it. It is also important that you look for places at the beginning even. Good locations tend to get booked quite fast and if you are try to find places too close to the date you might lose out on the good locations and have to stick to a doggy pub in some run down area. Ask you’re superior if alcohol is allowed at the party. If the location you have chosen does not offer a bar you can get a bar for hire.

There are also multiple companies that do cocktail catering and help lift the atmosphere at the party. Talking about drinks, pay close attention to the meals. A good meal is sure to make the party great. Ensure that you try out the sample of every meal and take along someone with you so you can have a second opinion.

It is also recommended that you try and invite a guest speaker to speak at the event. Think hard about the goals and the vision of the company and invite someone who can talk along those lines on a topic that would entice the guests and keep them pre occupied. Lay down all the necessary guidelines and request the speaker to avoid self-promoting himself or the company as this leaves a bad taste among the guests. And lastly ensure that there is plenty of appropriate music to suit the event and atmosphere prevalent. If necessary and if your budget allows it you can get a band to play live and entertain the guests.