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How To Increase Your Social Media Following?

Monday, May 8th, 2017

In a day and age where young girls are making money just by posing next to products and earning thousands and thousands of followers on social media with each day that passes, many people wonder if they could live a similar lifestyle and have the same luxuries they are offered in life. They key to achieving these luxuries is to increase your social media following and the methods mentioned below can guarantee you an increase in your following.

Upload quality content

One of the major differences between a normal Instagram user and a user with thousands of followers lies in the content that is uploaded to their profiles. When the average user uploads a photo on to their social media platforms, the furthest they go is editing and piling on a bunch of filters on their photos but most of the times, those with a larger following upload photos taken from professional cameras by professional cameramen.

Photo Opportunity

If you want to become famous on social media, you must count every single moment or experience in life as a photo opportunity and although whipping out your phone when you’re out with your mom to take numerous pictures of your food might seem invasive and you might even have to change arrangement of food on the café tables to get the right picture but these are lengths that you must go to if you wish to increase your following

Follow a theme

The newest fad amongst teens and young adults is to arrange their Instagram profiles according to a specific theme and carry on a theme throughout their profiles. Following a theme often consists of applying one certain filter to all of the photos uploaded on social media so that when one views their profiles, the photos in the profile appears similar and very appealing. Sometimes when you’re photographing food and such, restaurant furniture Sydney don’t offer the best lighting that will capture the essence of the delicious breakfast waffle you shared with a friend so it is also very wise to invest in a phone with a good flash.

Don’t let it consume you

Having a big social media following andgetting recognized on the street for your Instagram profile is quite amazing but don’t lose sight of who you are in the midst of making your numbers grow and only post content that you truly agree with regardless of the trends and the norms that society asks you to follow.

Watch the numbers grow

If you have followed the steps given above, your numbers of followers on social media should increase in no time so sit back, relax and stay online until the follow requests and friend requests starts to flood your profiles.